Anali Sharma


Anali Sharma

Anjali Sharma- Founder, chhotabaccha , CALICO TRIBE ,FRENCHCURVE

Anjali is an entrepreneur and has a three decade demonstrated work history in garment trade. Her first venture FRENCH CURVE rose to be a leading artisanal label in the country. Her second venture CHHOTABACCHA is about functioning with home makers and women, decentralizing work and redefining Profit with stakeholders.CALICO TRIBE CLOTHING LLP is her third Garment related venture and focuses on the purpose, meaning and balancing the ecosystem with responsible work ethics.

She is a Covid Warrier 2020, Top 100 Women Transforming India 2019, Enterprising Women Entrepreneur awardee, E WOMEN USA 2019, Industry Disruptor 2019, DO School Berlin,Cherie Blair Foundation Mentee 2018.


  • Diploma in Fashion Design, Apparel Design- NIFT.