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Product & Services


Product & Services

Consulting on Nija Model

We work with Small and Medium Businesses in value unlocking by going asset light while creating a shared value with all the stake holders.

Web 3.0 consulting

We are working on traditional asset based businesses such as Reality and Gold loan to protect / secure the Home buyer / investor / borrower while contributing to increased value for Businesses.

Startup ecosystem development: Incubation, Accelerator.

We work with multiple Incubation services providers and investors in helping scale Startups by designing and running Incubation programs and Accelerators.

Technology evangelising

We run Training programs and Hackathons in order to create developer communities and build user groups for various technologies across India. We work with over 1000 colleges across India.


We work with Startups and Small and Medium Businesses in designing / transforming their Business models in coach Entrepreneurs in preparing them to be fundable and help with access to Capital.

New market development

We work with Technology companies in building their Indian entry strategy and handhold them with their Indian entry goto market and build community and user groups for them.

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