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BlockChain Technology Capacity Building

BlockChain adoption is fast increasing across the globe and its application has implications far and beyond FinTech. This is a quote from the NITI Ayog report on Blockchain: “Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionise interactions between governments, businesses and citizens in a manner that was unfathomable just a decade ago.” Given the traction that’s happening in this Technology space, AICTE has mandated Blockchain technology as one of the subjects for the BE Computer Science students.

Couple of quotes form the NITI Ayog report: “Human resource constraints: Any emerging technology, in its early years of adoption, requires evangelists / champions across business functions, especially at the top. In addition, technical expertise is needed to ensure implementation. The requisite numbers for both are in short supply at present in India.” And “Nascent developer community: Even by the most aggressive estimates, the number of qualified blockchain developers globally wouldn’t be greater than 10,000.”

Nija is a Startup in the Distributed Economy space, working with Startups and SMBs in building Distributed Economy models. BlockChain is one of the tools of Distributed economy and as we started working on building solutions for our collaborators and customers, we realised the challenge of quality resources in Blockchain Technology. Towards this, we thought the best way to build high quality resources for Blockchain Technology across India will be by employing the very same Distributed Economy model that we preach to others. Which is to attack the problem in a distributed way to build high quality solutions with fastest achievable scale, while having a longer term view to returns in a sustainable manner.


Bring one of the Best BlockChain Technology companies as a Partner. Get their Training materials to build Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Programmer courses and deliver it to Indian engineering students after localising the same.

We hope to create a minimum of 25% to 30% of the world’s advanced programmers in BlockChain Technology from India alone, within this year. This will put India in the epicentre of Blockchain Technology resources. While India will support Global adoption of BlockChain technology through this effort, we will also be continuing with conducting Hackathons and getting investors to back best applications and ventures created through this effort thereby facilitating Globally leading Blockchain technology ventures right from within India in the near term.

We hope to achieve this by taking our proposition to as many Engineering colleges across India as possible, and encouraging Students to take up the courses.

Towards building an equitable and competent Bharath through Distributed Economy

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