Srini Bhavani


Srini Bhavani

Srini BhavaniFounder & CEO, Simply-Logic Technologies & Focus You Strength Academy.

Helping people for more than ten years now, from all walks of life (Athletes, Students, Corporate Executives, Retirees), of all ages, male and female, to maintain a healthy, strong and fit lifestyle. 

His program, “Fitness for Life, through Strength & Common-Sense Nutrition”, enhances overall health and fitness significantly, across all demographics and is one of the most effective training programs for people of all ages, sex and backgrounds. 

With many people young and old getting affected by Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes, and with these numbers ever increasing in our country and all over the world, He conducts Seminars and Talks to get everyone aware of what Diabetes is all about. He showcases how simple lifestyle changes can get everyone to prevent this Disease and for those already affected, how to control this Disease and to prevent its Deadly Symptoms from happening.


  • Msc Dietitics and Food Management, Indira Gandhi National open University
  • MS Manufacturing Management, The University of Tolendo
  • MBA-IT, Annamalai University
  • Bsc, Mathematics, Loyola College