Sandeep Sahoo

Hello, I am Saneep Sahoo

Blockchain Specialist

Blockchain Specialist​

A blockchain developer, blockchain trainer, cybersecurity expert and crypto analyst, Sandeep has 12 years of crypto investment knowledge including the latest trend going on in crypto space; DeFi, Metaverse, DCT, GameFi, DAOs, ETF, IDO, IGO, High frequency “Sniper” bots for low cap coins (Cross-Chain) and much more.

He also brings 9 years of blockchain development and blockchain training knowledge which he contributed to many crypto based communities and 4+ years of professional level blockchain development and training which also includes custom blockchain development, gasless smart contract, auditing potential vulnerable smart contract, educating about blockchain technology, scalability solutions, tokenizing real estates, exotic cars tokenization, mutual funds for blue chip NFTs like : BAYC, Doodle etc.

Apart from this he is former director of Savethem India Foundation, he was featured in many national and international articles about his expertise in cybersecurity, blockchain development, social work and business growth strategy even national news channel i.e.: Zee Business and web series : Money Mafia by Discovery+.

Decentralized Finance using Solidity (Ethereum) – Developed & Deployed Decentralized Apps,

Decentralized Finance using Solidity (Ethereum) – Developed & Deployed Decentralized Apps,

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